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If I have a signed leasing/rental agreement, can I switch cars?

No. The rental agreement is a binding document, only partial changes are allowed (towing device, etc.)

What documents are required to sign a long-term rental agreement?

Financial statements and basic information about the client's company must be provided before signing the Lease Agreement. The contractual documentation then includes the Framework Agreement, General Terms and Conditions and its annexes relating to the individual services included in the rent.

Can I rent only cars which are on the website?

Ask an MHC MOBILITY representative about the car model you are interested in [LINK TO CONTACT FORM]

Is it possible to see the car before renting?

Yes. Arrange the details with MHC MOBILITY representative. 

Can I buy the car after the rental period?

Yes, with long-term rental there is also a possibility to buy the car on pre-specified terms. 

Where does the car pick-up take place?

The place of collection of the vehicle is normally the MHC MOBILITY square, unless the parties agree otherwise.

What happens if I exceed the mileage limit?

Excessive costs will be re-invoiced to the Client with information about the user.

Are inspections and worn parts service included in the instalment price?


What does the service include?

Periodic inspections and current repairs, replacement car for the time of repair, tire replacement and storage.

Can I increase my mileage during the agreement?

Please contact our Customer Service Department (+48 22 223 60 50; Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm)

What should I do if I have lost the keys to the vehicle?

Please contact the MHC MOBILITY Hotline for Drivers (+48 22 223 60 50) or the MHC MOBILITY Truck Hotline (+48 22 278 70 10) 


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