Electric cars are selected more and more frequently by those who make informed and environmentally friendly decisions. Yet, apart from environmental benefits such as reduction of the carbon footprint, electric vehicles also offer significant busi-ness assets. 

Energy and cost efficiency, combined with the range of economic conveniences that electric vehicles provide, help companies build a competitive advantage now and in the future. At the same time, they are the greatest ally of enterprises in their mission to implement a sustainable development strategy.

Let's take a step towards electromobility together.

Going with the stream of electric current pays off

We provide support to our clients in the selection and implementation of mod-ern and environmentally-friendly solutions, offering a full range of electric vehicles at competitive prices.

For our clients, we have developed:

  • a comprehensive vehicle rental service with charging infrastructure,
  • a full range electric vehicles; from passenger cars to vans and trucks,
  • special offers and additional benefits,
  • professional service and advice during the entire duration of the rental contract.

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An electric car is a good choice for your business but also the environment

Current electric car subsidies and other privileges
Environmental liability and savings
  • Zero emissions – electric vehicles do not emit exhaust fumes, therefore they do not emit toxic compounds into the atmosphere.
  • The use of a renewable energy source supports the decarbonization process on the automotive market.
  • Savings on fuel – driving 100 km by electric delivery car costs only about PLN 8, and a comparable combustion car reaches up to PLN 34.
  • Lower technical inspection and service costs – no need to replace filters or oils, less wear of parts, and lower operating costs.
Comfort and safety of use
  • Quiet operation combined with great performance and comfort in everyday use.
  • Simple operation – charging electric cars may take place at the company's head office or in any designated place.
  • Lower failure rate thanks to the simpler design of the drive system. 
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